Gobekli 2

Gobekli Tepe

The rest of the site


The main excavated area is only a very small portion of the whole site.  In this view, looking south over the Harran plain, climb the steep bank to the right to find the second part of the excavations where the second phase of the site dating from 9,000 – 9400 BC is excavated.


On this ridge above the main excavations the structures of period 2 are being excavated.  Instead of circles, there is a series rectangular structures that one might almost call houses, were it not for the fact that there is no sign of domestic occupation.  There is no sign of any doorways either, so they were presumably entered through the roof as were the houses at Catalhuyuk 2,000 years later.

There often seems to be a larger room accompanied by a smaller room, and the smaller room often contained a stone bowl or offering slab.


Here is a large stone bowl.  One might almost call it a cauldron which is a master piece of construction, using only stone tools and it presumably had some ritual function.




At the far end of the rectazngular structures is a mini circle that shows in some detail the layout of the larger circles below.  But here we see quite clearly the ledges – seating? – between the uprights, and also the remarkable “concrete” floor.

The Neolithic inhabitants discovered a method of mixing the local sands and ground up stones to form a very hard concrete like floor.


Looking in the opposite direction the full extent of the site can be seen.  In the middle distance another series of circular henges is being excavated.  Just beyond it to the left (double click to enlarge) is the quarry area from which the stones were quarried.  Beyond it yet another site is being excavated.

Finally, even today the site which is so prominent when seen from the plain has its ritual aspects.

Note on the hilltop the solitary tree.





The solitary tree has magical powers.  If you tie a ribbon onto the lower branches, you will be fortunate in love.





Success! The young lady has tied her ribbon to the tree and she is therefore going to have success in love. We wish her all the best!






Now on to the great medieval site of Harran


June, 2012


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