In 2018 we went to Spain.

The prime purpose of our visit was to take part in the judging of the PALARQ archaeological award, firstly in Barcelona, and then in Madrid.

However after our judgement, we were able to stay on for a few days to see some of the archaeology in Barcelona and Madrid. (We all we already have a page on one site in Madrid,  the Carthaginian and Roman city of Cartagena).

The pages in this site are therefore inevitable inevitably ‘under construction’, but we hope you will find them interesting.

The year 2018 has been in a momentous year for us as we have moved house. We have downsized from our family home in Hampstead to a cottage in Kew – see some pictures here. But this means we have not been able to travel much during the year, apart from an early visit to  France to visit our son Robert and his family. But we are making up for it at the end of the year by visiting Spain twice, the firs visit being extended to our annual visit to Paestum and Pompeii. I hope that you may be able to find something of interest in these pages.


On to La Sagrada Familia


22 November 2018