Travelling the Past


How to explore the past. Where to go, what to see.

I have spent my life travelling the past.

As editor of Current Archaeology, and more recently, Current World Archaeology, I have travelled to many sites around Britain and around the world.

Some I have reported in Current Archaeology, but here they are in greater detail.

Many have been trips I have enjoyed with my wife, and we would like to share them with you too.

I hope you will travel there yourself and will be able to enjoy some of these wonderful places.




In the Indian Raj palace at Samode, pretending to be royalty

Here are some of the places we have been to, and which we describe in detail

In 2011 we made a Round the World trip featuring Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Easter Island.

Iran (Persia) is our latest adventure

China – a visit to Ancient China in 21014

India – visit to the ‘Golden Triangle’ in 2013

 Easter Island – its mysteries explained

Armenia – a Christian country hidden away in the Caucasus

Turkey – the magic of Gobekli Tepe

Greece – the island of Naxos

Paestum – Italian city with three Greek temples

Rome – and its museums

Germany – the Celtic world of Glauberg, the Roman fort at          Saalburg and the ghost town of Waldgirmes

Vienna – why is it so exciting?

Ibiza – its history and archaeology


Cartagena – the Carthaginian city in Spain

Spain – the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Spain – Roman Barcelona – a rather smelly Roman city

Hadrian’s Wall –  the 2019 Pilgrimage 

The Canary Islands – the people before the Spaniards


Barbarism and Civilization – the book I am writing

Andrew Selkirk

(The header is a photo of me at Lullingstone Roman Villa, which lies just behind the camera)


1st August 2015, re-written 9th October 20126