Travelling the Past

I have spent my life travelling the past.

As editor of Current Archaeology, and more recently, Current World Archaeology, I have travelled to many sites around Britain and around the world.

In my retirement I have continued to travel, and here are some of the places I have been to.

Some I have reported in Current Archaeology, but here they are in greater detail.

Some have been trips that my wife and I have enjoyed and would like to share with you too.

I hope you will travel yourself and will be able to enjoy some of these wonderful places.



In 2011 we made a Round the World trip featuring Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Easter Island.

Iran (Persia) is our latest adventure

China – a visit to Ancient China in 21014

India – visit to the ‘Golden Triangle’ in 2013

¬†Easter Island –

Armenia – a Christian country hidden away in the Caucasus

Turkey – the magic of Gobekli Tepe

Paestum – Italian city with three Greek temples

Greece – the temple on Naxos

Rome – and its museums

Cartagena – the Carthaginian city in Spain


Vienna – why is it so exciting?

Ibiza – its history and archaeology


Civilization -the hidden revolution (My retirement project)





Andrew Selkirk

(The header is a photo of me at Lullingstone Roman Villa, which lies just behind the camera)


1st August 2015, re-written 9th October 20126